Sunday, January 06, 2013

A Sneak Peek Preview of the Dodgers New Scoreboards

As many of you know, the Dodgers are rehabbing many parts of Dodger Stadium; including an expansion of the player clubhouses.  They are also updating the scoreboards (as evidenced by a photo shared recently on facebook by DodgersBeat). 

At the moment, the scoreboards lay empty, but they will soon provide fans with a brand new way to experience the game.  Exact details have yet to be announced, but based upon a promotional video found on youtube, I suspect it will be awesome.  Check out a screen grab above, and the promotional video is below (Dodger Stadium at about the :38 mark).

It appears that ANC Sports will be doing the upgrades.  Their website can be found here

I also wanted to extend a hearty Hat Tip to turdwafflespoop on Reddit for this great find.  Yeah, I really did type the OP's full name.

UPDATE: For a complete rundown on the  the improvements officially announced by the Dodgers go this post.

It appears that ANC has taken down the original video.  Oh well!

Video Link:

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