Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Some News on the Dodger Stadium Renovations

The Dodgers held a press conference this afternoon within the friendly (albeit, torn up) confines of Dodger Stadium in order to announce what improvements are currently being done.  As you can see from the photo below, tweeted by Patrick O'Neal, this a major construction project.  The above photo was provided by the Dodgers.  It is a artist rendering of the new Dodger Stadium outfield area.  Click on any pic to embiggen.  Jon SooHoo provides even more pics here.  And check out my story from a couple of days ago featuring a promotional video from the company providing the new scoreboards, here.
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From the Dodgers press release sent earlier today:
  • New High Definition video boards in left field and right field.  Existing message boards, including ribbon boards at the Loge level and outfield wall, will be replaced with the new technology as well.  The unique hexagon shape of both scoreboards will be restored.
  • A new sound system directed to minimize echoes and sound migration outside the stadium
  • A state-of-the-art Wi-Fi network and cellular antenna system to support cell-phone and internet connectivity from mobile devices
  • Wider concourses and additional locations for wheelchair bound fans and their companions on all levels
  • Expanded and renovated restrooms with substantially more fixtures
  • Food service enhancements to loge, reserve and upper reserve levels including new stands, cooking facilities and menus.  Details will be announced prior to the start of the season.
  • New Field Level entry plazas and bullpen overlooks to create standing room areas with a view of the game
  • A new home team clubhouse, expanded and enhanced training/conditioning areas, and new batting cages for both teams
From Stan Kasten:
“The mission of Dodger ownership is to create ways to enhance the experience for all of our fans,” Dodger President and CEO Stan Kasten said. “Dodger Stadium is a treasured piece of the Los Angeles community and we will respect that heritage while restoring and enhancing the venue for our fans in the 21st century. When the improvements are completed, the stadium will retain its classic look, but it will have a more comfortable feel.

“This is a most ambitious program for a single off-season. We are grateful to Dodger fans for their input into the improvements that will be most meaningful to their game experience.”
Below are some more details tweeted out, as well.
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 Here are even more details from the press release:
  • The original distinctive hexagonal shape which presently only exists in right field will be restored to both boards.
  • Sound will be directed to each seating section, minimizing echoes and migrating sounds outside the park.
  • Two to four rows of seats will be removed from the back of the Field, Loge, Reserve and Upper Reserve levels to provide greater walking space on each concourse, as well as more wheelchair locations and “drink rails” for fans who may wish to leave their seats during games and explore the stadium. 
  • Family or Unisex restrooms will be created for each level at the stadium.  Restrooms in the outfield will be relocated under the Pavilions which will be more convenient for fans.
  • One of the “most fun things” among the enhancements, according to Smith, is the bullpen overlooks that will enable fans to socialize while watching the game from a location above the bullpens where there will be dramatic field views. Each entrance, including the center-field entrances, is being given careful attention to create better circulation and enhanced concession and retail spaces. 
  • The Dodgers will display many of the team’s historical items for the first time.  Fans will be able to enjoy Dodger memorabilia and artifacts such as MVP awards, Cy Young awards and Gold Gloves awarded to Dodgers.
  • A new retail store will be built at the Top of the Park location behind home plate. This will be open daily on a regular basis along with the Top of the Park ticket office. Tours of Dodger Stadium will be conducted daily from this location.
 This sounds like the kind of improvements we have all been waiting for.  Finally, we have an owner who is doing more than just talking about it- he's doing it!!!

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