Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blog Kiosk: 5/14/2013

The Topps 2013 Museum Collection Baseball card set officially comes tomorrow.  This is a premium high-end set.  Check out the above preview pic of a Clayton Kershaw autographed card above, via twitter @ToppsCards.
Beckett is also battling an assortment of minor injuries, Mattingly said. But what?

"He's had some little stuff going on in different areas, and I think it was bothering him tonight," Mattingly said. 
So why are the Yankees (24-14) in first place in their division while the Dodgers (15-22) are in last?

You can find stats that differentiate the two teams, though you might be surprised how similar they are in some respects.
  • CommishBob at '59 Topps Blog talks about the card of former Dodger Don Demeter and shares a great video of him.
  • Sports Illustrated shares a great photo of Sandy Koufax unleashing a pitch during the 1966 World Series against the Orioles.
  • This video has been making the rounds.  As first seen on reddit, check out Hyun-Jin Ryu playing catch with Deuce in the left field pavilion.  Video via DodgerFilms.

Video Link:

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