Friday, August 16, 2013

2013 Topps Mini - The Dodgers Relics and Autographs - Are There Any Puig Mini Auto'd Cards?

As I'm sure you recall, on the first day of the National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago Topps unveiled their Topps mini set to the public.  The base set are just miniaturized versions of their flagship set.  In fact, the base cards use the exact same pics and card numbers as the flagship, so I'll refrain from putting up photos here.  Instead, I''ll show the relic and autographed cards that are unique to the mini set.  Check them out below.

Of special note, the photos below of the Sandy Koufax and Yasiel Puig cards are the preview pics Topps provided.  I have yet to see any of those actual cards anywhere - which I find kind of strange.  You would think that (at the very least) redemption cards would have popped up on eBay by now.

According to Topps initial previews, the Puig autographed card would be the very first Puig autographed cards to be inserted into packs.  I'm starting to believe those cards are not there, and we've all been fooled.  If I'm wrong and there are Puig autographed mini cards in the marketplace then please let me know.


#MA-DS Duke Snider                          #MA-HR Hanley Ramirez

#MA-JP Johnny Podres                    #MA-SK Sandy Koufax

#MA-YP Yasiel Puig


#MR-AE A.J. Ellis                            #MR-MK Matt Kemp

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