Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Vintage Brooklyn Dodgers Souvenir Sell Sheet

I came across this great little letter the other day on eBay and thought you'd all get a kick out of it.

Featured below is a 1953 letter from the Brooklyn Dodgers Publicity Department responding to a request from a fan for some autographs and memorabilia. They politely stated that they couldn't provide what the fan wanted, but he/she can get many of these items from their concessionaire. 

Then, they detailed the cost for such items.  Check out the letter below, and marvel at what a few coins could get you 60 years ago.
  • A facsimile autographed Baseball for $2.25; a
  • 1951 Dodgers Yearbook at $0.50; a
  • Scorecard at $0.10; a
  • Dodgers cap for $1.00;
  • Bracelets (including a luxury tax?) for $1.50;
  • Beanie hats for $1.00;
  • Autographed bats (large) for $0.75;
  • Autographed bats (small) for $0.50; and
  • Pennants for $0.50.
Wow!  Even if you put these values into an inflation calculator they still come out to be great deals.

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