Friday, January 24, 2014

Some New 19th Century Old Judge Baseball Card Discoveries - Video from Olbermann

I just love hearing stories like this.

Keith Olbermann on ESPN shares a recent discovery found in the Bay Area, and it's a doozy.  He features a couple of once unknown late-19th Century Old Judge Base Ball cards that were found in a window seat of a family home.

They are of a couple of West Coast minor league ballplayers, and I would expect them to come up for auction soon.  There is no estimate given regarding their potential worth (probably since Olbermann is likely to be a suitor for the cards).

I think, though, you should expect them to sell close to, if not well over, $80,000 a piece.

I know... you're probably gasping for air.

You see, Old Judge cards are highly sought after, and cards of west coast minor league ballplayers are exceedingly rare.  So rare, that when an example comes up for auction (which rarely happens) they often sell for huge bucks.  I also know for a fact that Olbermann has one of the finest collections of Old Judge's in the world, and you can count on him being a bidder.

Regardless of your opinion of his politics, his reporting on the card hobby has always been great.  He is an avid collector and his passion for it is obvious.

Anyway, check out his report below.  I found it to be really fun.

Video Link:

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