Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Looking at the 1991 Dodgers Unocal Pin Set

Following up on my posts from the past couple of weeks featuring pinbacks from the Dodgers Unocal pin sets, I now share with you the pins from the 1991 set.  Go here to check out my previous post on these sets.

One of the benefits of putting together this checklist of Dodgers' Unocal pins is that I am forced to take a close look at my own sets.  As I was preparing to write this post, I discovered that I had a hole in my collection.  For reasons unbeknown to me, I had a duplicate pin in place of Pin #1 of the 1991 set.  Hopefully, I will soon rectify that error.  In the meantime, take a look at an image I took off of eBay of that pin below.

The theme of the 1991 Dodgers' Unocal pin set are record breaking/setting Dodger accomplishments.
Pin #1 - Record Setting Infield - Steve Garvey, Davey Lopes, Bill Russell and Ron Cey comprised the longest-standing infield in Major League history.  The four men played together from 1973 through 1981.

Pin #2 - Pinch-Hitting Records - Manny Mota set a record with 150 career pinch-hits and hit a remarkable .322 as a pinch-hitter with the Dodgers.  Lee Lacy tied a Major League record by slamming three consecutive inch-hit home runs during May 1978.

Pin #3 - Consecutive Shutout Innings - Don Drysdale's 56 1/3 consecutive shutout innings in 1968 set a record that was broken by Orel Hershiser's 59 straight shutout innings in 1988.  Fernando Valenzuela set a record with 41 1/3 straight shutout innings at the start of a season (1985).

Pin #4 - No-Hitters in LA - Sandy Koufax, Bill Singer, Jerry Reuss and Fernando Valenzuela have hurled no-hitters for the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Koufax tossed four no-hitters in all, including a perfect game against the Cubs at Dodger Stadium on September 9, 1965.

Pin #5 - Four Teammates with 30 Homers - Steve Garvey (33), Reggie Smith (32), Ron Cey (30) and Dusty Baker (30) are the only foursome in Major League history to each hit 30 or more homers in a single season (1977).

Pin #6 - 18 Strikeouts in a Game - Sandy Koufax tied a Major League record by striking out 18 Chicago Cubs on August 31, 1959, at the Los Angeles Coliseum.  Ramon Martinez duplicated Koufax' feat against the Atlanta Braves at Dodger Stadium on June 4, 1990.

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