Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sydney Cricket Ground Metamorphosis - I Now Dub Thee, the Sydney Baseball Diamond

A couple of weeks ago, I shared some photos found on twitter of some of the early work being performed to transform the pitch at the Sydney Cricket Ground into a Baseball diamond.  Since that time, they've progressed nicely.  Check out what I mean below.

BTW, you should check out the facebook page for the Sydney Cricket Ground.  They have a whole slew of photos detailing the work being done.  Go here for that.  All of the pics in this post is from there (with exception of the last two).

I am fascinated by the transformation. They had to change and add just about everything.  They put in dirt and clay for the infields, created warning tracks and an outfield wall.  They even built dugouts that didn't exist before.  The work they've had to do is rather breathtaking.

Last week, they put in home plate and started aligning the bases.  They also started work on the pitchers mound.  As you can see below, they measured its height, then compacted and smoothed out the clay.

Below is a view of the Dodgers dugout.  This did not exist before.  From what I understand, seat were located there.

The outfield wall is starting to take shape.  They used crushed terracotta for the warning track.
(Outfield wall and warning track, pic via @CookMurray on twitter)

Here is a view of the right field foul pole.
(Right field foul pole, pic via @cookmurray on twitter)

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