Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Go Kings Go!

Tonight is Game 3, and I am both nervous and excited.  We've had a tough go of it the first two games, and at numerous times in those early matches the Kings looked unrecognizable.

Who were those guys?

The Kings had seemingly lost their way.  They aimlessly tried to catch up with the Sharks speed, but ended up chasing the puck to their demise.  Kings hockey had disappeared, and if they want to have any chance of winning this series they had better find it again. 

Coming back home to the Staples Center is a good place to restart things.  They'll have a friendly crowd ready and willing to cheer them to victory.  I suspect it'll be loud, but I fear that some early nervous tension will set in if the Kings do not set their pace. 

I, for one, plan on being loud throughout.  I'll be sitting in my usual section with my friends in tow.  We'll scream and chant, cheer and bellow, yell and shriek. 

We might be down for now, but the count has not even begun.  We are standing in our corner ready for the referee to restart the fight, and like Ali in Manila we will shake off our misery with a tough win in the end. 

The bout starts at 7:00 PM, and you had better glue your eyes to the tube for this one.  This evening may prove to be the bellwether. 

Go Kings Go!

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