Tuesday, May 06, 2014

2014 Bowman Baseball - The Dodger Autograph, Relic & Boxloader Cards

Here is a final post featuring Dodger cards that can be found in packs of 2014 Bowman Baseball.  This time I show the relic and autographed cards. 

There are a bunch of different Julio Urias autographed cards.  Unfortunately, they only come with a redemption card in packs, so I do not have any photos yet.  BTW, once an Urias Superfractor shows up I'll feature them with another post.

Go here to check out all of my previous post on this set.

Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs

#BCAP-BT Brandon Trinkwon                 #BCAP-JS Jacob Scavuzzo

Two Dodgers are available as Bowman Black Autographs, but only a redemption card is inserted into packs.  Below is a checklist:
  • #BBC-BT Brandon Trinkwon
  • #BBC-JU Julio Urias
#BBC-JU Julio Urias 

Below are a couple of more Julio Urias autographed cards that are only found as redemption cards.

Bowman Chrome Mini Autograph Cards
  • #CMA-JU Julio Urias 
#CMA-JU Julio Urias
(pic of purple parallel shown below)

Ultimate Prospect Autograph Book Card
  • #Julio Urias - (This card features a booklet card with 25 different autographs)

AFLAC/Perfect Game/Under Armour Autographs

#Corey Seager

Futures Game Relics

#FGR-JP Joc Pederson

The card below is an oversized boxloader.  They are randomly inserted into hobby boxes of 2014 Bowman as a single pack.  So, not every hobby box has one of these packs.  They are roughly twice the size of a normal card.

BTW, I noticed a small error to this card.  Checklist I've seen indicates that this card should be numbered #OI-JU, but as you can see below they are numbered as #OAI-JU.  The latter numbering is what the autographed Oversized Iced Boxloader cards are supposed to be numbered as.  Also, the Oversized Autographed Iced cards are available only through a redemption.

Oversized Ice Boxloaders

#OI-JU Julio Urias

I can't wait to get a look at the card below.  If they look anything like the Yasiel Puig insert, then this card should look fantastic.

Oversized 1989 Bowman Autographs #/20

#89-JU Julio Urias

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