Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dodgers Let the Pups In - Woof Woof Woof

Yesterday's game opened with a... Bark!

The Dodgers held their annual dog walk at Dodger Stadium for "Pups in the Park," so numerous fans of the four-legged persuasion came out to celebrate.  There were small ones and big ones, brown ones and white ones, and all of them were ready to enjoy a day out with their owners. 

Many were dressed in their best Dodger uniforms, and from all account they were all well-behaved.  Heck, I have some friends who could learn a thing or two from these canines. 

Better yet, there are plenty of photos all over the 'net to help us enjoy the spectacle.  Dodger photographer Jon SooHoo put up a bunch of great pics that you can see here.  The photos above and directly below were taken by him.

And, here are some other great pics that I found all over the place.

With that mohawk I'd call him Puig's Punk Pug.

Check out these darling little doggies.

That must be Orel the Bulldog.

Hey there, Blue!

Hey there, big guy.

Smile, you're in the right-field pavilion.

Corgi's are so cute!
(Corgasbord on tumblr)

And, check out this great little video from the Dodgers.

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