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The 1958-60 LA Dodgers Premium Pictures by Volpe

I am very happy to have these photos to share.  As I had written in the past, this is one of the scarcer team issued memorabilia items ever produced by the Dodgers. So scarce, in fact, I've never actually seen the complete set, and I'm willing to bet that neither have many of you. Featured in this post are photos of the entire 1958-1960 LA Dodgers Premium Pictures set.

These photos were provided by a vintage Dodger collector named Eric from Santa Maria, and he promises more pics of other rarities.  So, stay tuned for that.  In the meantime, I wanted to send a quick note of thanks to Eric for passing these along. 

As you maybe can tell, these pencil-styled portraits were originally drawn by famed artist Nicholas Volpe.  He is well known to sports memorabilia collectors for his prints and thermal tumblers used as promotional items at various gas stations throughout the country.  Check out the other Dodger Volpe print sets here: 1962, 1969 and 1982.

The portraits measure 8" x 10" and were sold as a complete sets at souvenir stands at the Coliseum.  BTW, from what I understand the makeup of those sets sold in games varied with the comings and goings of the players.  So, a set sold in 1958 likely had a different checklist than the one sold in 1960.  Overall, there are 16 different Dodger portraits available.  Also, all of the portraits are blanked back; with exception of the Roy Campanella.

As for a value for a complete set, I really don't know.  They very rarely show up for sale, and I just can't fairly provide a value for them.  My trusted 2002 SCD Standard Catalog of Cards indicates that a Near-Mint set is valued at $750.00 and can drop to $225.00 in Very-Good condition.  From time to time, individual copies show up on eBay so if you run across one I would check it out.

BTW, the cream of the crop of these portraits is clearly the Vin Scully/Jerry Doggett drawing.  You can see that one at the very bottom.  My catalog considers it a common (priced at $30 in Mint condition), but I would be willing to bet a Mint example would sell for a huge premium today. At the very top of this post is the Roy Campanella portrait and its reverse.  Click on any pic to embiggen.

Check out pics of the rest of the set below the fold:

Walter Alston

 Gino Cimoli

 Don Drysdale

 Carl Erskine

 Carl Furillo

 Jim Gilliam

Gil Hodges

Clem Labine

Wally Moon

Don Newcombe

Johnny Podres

Pee Wee Reese

Duke Snider

Rip Repulski

Vin Scully & Jerry Doggett

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  1. What would a signed scully go for in good condition , in your opinion?

  2. I have 14 of the 16 (missing the Erskine and Scully/Doggett). Some of the 1958 Dodger Scorecard Covers display eight additional Volpe Portraits. I don't believe those eight "phantom" portraits were ever sold, however it is obvious that Volpe actually created them, possibly a "one-off" used for the scorecard cover only. They are Charlie Dressen, Dick Gray, Randy Jackson, Sandy Koufax, Charlie Neal, Joe Pignatano, Al Walker, and Don Zimmer.

    1. Thanks for passing this along. It's too bad those other portraits were never made.

    2. How many cards in the Nicholas volpe Dodgers card set 1958-60


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