Friday, June 19, 2015

2015 Topps Series 2 Baseball - Some Inserts, Coins & Stamps and Commemorative Knobs & Pins

Now that you've seen the base cards and the "First Pitch" cards check out some of the inserts below.  Featured are the Baseball Royalty, Eclipsing History, Commemorative Bat Knobs & Pins and the always popular Coins & Stamps cards below.  I'll have photos of the other inserts next week.

Baseball Royalty

#BR-2 Sandy Koufax                      #BR-5 Jackie Robinson

Eclipsing History

#EH-3 Sandy Koufax & Nolan Ryan

The cards below can come in either wood grain, black or pink.

Commemorative Bat Knobs

#CBK-09 Jackie Robinson

#CBK-10 Yasiel Puig

Commemorative Patch Pins  (#/199)

#CPP-12 Clayton Kershaw

Birth Year Coin and Stamp

#CS-31 Clayton Kershaw

#CS-40 Joc Pederson

Birth Year Quarter and Stamp Autographs

#BYA-JP Joc Pederson

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