Thursday, June 25, 2015

2015 Topps Stadium Club Baseball - The Dodger Base Cards

It's all about the base!

This just might be the best set of the 2015 Baseball season.  Really!  We aren't even half-way through the season yet and I'm certain there's no way either Topps or Panini could possibly make a better set.

Featured here are all of the Dodger base cards to the 2015 Stadium Club brand, and they are all with almost little exception fantastic.

As you know, Stadium Club focuses on photo quality and uniqueness, and for the second straight year Topps gets high marks on both those factors.  There's beautiful photography all around.  The cards can make you smile, reminisce or gaze like you're looking at a beautiful sunset.

Wow!  Topps has done good... Really good.

Go here to check out a complete checklist to this set.


Unquestionably, the Fernando Valenzuela card below is the best ever.  Ever!  Ever!  Ever!  I keep staring at it wondering if I might be reaching, jostling or lurking in the background. 

That's me... Right?  At center... At the top... Man... I so want that to be me right there.

I just love this card.

#1 Fernando Valenzuela

Admittedly, the AGon card is a bit bland, but the Jackie Robinson card on it's right makes up for it.  Although I'm not certain, I believe this is the first time we've seen this photo on cardboard.

#59 Adrian Gonzalez                             #65 Jackie Robinson

In-action Dusty Bake in a Dodger uniform is better than Giants manager Dusty Baker sporting a toothpick in his mouth.

#89 Joc Pederson                                    #91 Dusty Baker

This Puig card is perfect.  It's understated; with Yasiel walking away from the camera, and the background featuring a slightly red sunset and California palms is divine. 

#118 Yasiel Puig

#133 Kenley Jansen

The Kershaw card shows a celebration, and I'm willing to bet it's from his no-hitter from last season.  Corey Dickerson had just struck out, so Clayton immediately thrust both arms into the sky in celebration. 

#171 Jimmy Rollins                       #182 Clayton Kershaw

Predictably, Topps shows Beckett celebrating his no-hitter from last season on his Stadium Club card, and I'm perfectly OK with that.  You never go wrong with good memories.  Besides, the look of pure joy and elation is wonderful.

The Zack Greinke card seems so perfect.  First of all, he's at-bat which he really excels at.  On top of that, he has this expression that ... I dunno... screams Greinke.  Also, I have to wonder if he's asking the umpire if he washed his hands after doing a number two.

#240 Josh Beckett                         #258 Zack Greinke

This isn't a bad photo, but it would have been so much better if they found a pic of Guerrero showing a bit of his bitten ear.  Really!  That would have been great.

#272 Alexander Guerrero

And in case you were wondering what the reverse of the cards look like, check out the back of the Jackie Robinson card below.

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  1. those are fantastic cards. can't wait to get my mitts on them.

  2. The Kershaw is from his no-hitter (the ribbon board seen at the top of the card says "NO-HITTER")

    1. I feel like such a dope... I can't believe I missed that


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