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Blog Kiosk: 8/24/2015 - Dodger Links - Kershaw, Pederson and Chef Dave

Longtime Dodger Chef David Pearson needs your help.  As you may know, the 51-year Dodger employee has been battling lung cancer and is currently going through his second round of chemo.  To assist him financially with this is a "Go Fund Me" page, and if you are so inclined please check it out here. Every little bit helps.  (Hat Tip: SOSG)

Once upon a time I was invited to sit in the press box, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.   I had the pleasure of watching and writing about the game from that unique perspective, and made sure to test out a meal created by Chef Dave.  I remember walking in that room, getting a plate of pork chops and eating to my hearts delight.

Anyway, you should check out Bill Plaschke's excellent story about Chef David Pearson from a couple of months ago here.
With every press-box dining room being a reflection of the person who runs it, Dave's Diner is like a big hug. It is a place where the lowliest of workers can joke with Scully, where Tom Lasorda's voice still booms with glee, where Hefley and her husband Billy occupy one corner table, where Fernando Valenzuela can be found chowing at another one, where scouts gossip and writers complain and many folks just mill about until the first pitch.

Dave Pearson created this space with a gentle, easygoing manner that matches his simple delicacies. He personally serves the broadcasters in a separate side room so Scully can at least eat in peace, yet he treats everyone as if they were a Hall of Famer, as he spends most of his time standing at the end of the food line shaking hands and telling stories.
Below are some links to check out:
“I hope we’re panicking a little bit. I think panic’s a good thing, to a certain extent,” Kershaw said. “It’s August whatever-it-is and we have five weeks and whatever it is, too. There needs to be a sense of urgency — maybe that’s better to say than panic.

“I feel like we have to start playing like that.”
That's the situation Joc Pederson faces right now, as he was held out of the Dodgers' lineup for a second consecutive game on Sunday despite a right-handed pitcher taking the mound for the Astros.

Kiké Hernandez again got the start in center field, and manager Don Mattingly all but outright said that's his preferred lineup going forward.

"It's that time of year. Kiké's just been swinging the bat better, and he's a comparable defender. It's just one of those things we have to do at this point," Mattingly said.

"I'm still going to try to match up Joc [with righties] ... but Kiké's earned at-bats. We feel like he gives us a better chance to win."
  • Dustin Nosler at Dodgers Digests provides, "Your Annual Reminder About Postseason Eligibility."
  • Phungo made note of a Dodger anniversary that had escaped my notice; "ANNIVERSARY: 40 Years ago Davey Lopes Steals 38 consecutive Bases."
  • Check out a whole bunch of preview pics from Panini's 2015 Immaculate Baseball set here; including the Tommy Lasorda and Corey Seager cards below.  Of special note, that Seager card is incredible.  It's a "1 of 1" game-used leather glove relic card.  Wow!  This set officially goes live this coming Wednesday.
I noticed last night in myself a sense of resignation as Fiers pitched the no-hitter last night. While other Dodgers fans flailed around in a panic, I didn't care all that much. Yes, it sucked that the Dodgers were being no-hit (especially at the same time the devil magic Giants get HRs from their pitchers), but my overriding emotion was "Yes! I have a lead story for the cover of tonight's sports section!"

That's what happens in the middle of August, when you're staring at preseason football and little else.

I just don't feel the humiliation of a no-hitter anymore. My feelings of depression and embarrassment have faded over the years. I decided to explore that by studying the times that the Dodgers have been no-hit since I've been following baseball.

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