Friday, August 21, 2015

2015 Topps Chrome - The Dodger Autograph Cards

Below is a final glance at the 2015 Topps Chrome Baseball card set.  This time I look at many of the Dodger autograph cards that are available.  Unfortunately, I have yet to see any of the "triple autograph" cards in the set, so I'll update that when they do surface.  In the meantime, check out everything else below.  Go here to check out all of my past post on this set.

As you can see there are two Dodger rookie cards available as a part of Topps rookie autograph set: Joc Pederson and Yimi Garcia.  I have included two photos for each player: the not normal base auto'd card on the left and an numbered parallel on the right.  The Pederson "purple refractor" below is numbered to /250 copies, and the Garcia "blue refractor" is numbered to /150 copies.

Of note, it's nice that Topps decided to use a brand new photo for the Joc Pederson autograph card; whereas, the Yimi Garcia card uses the same pic found in the base set.

Autographed Rookie Cards

#AR-JPN Joc Pederson

#AR-YG Yimi Garcia

Dual Autographs

#DA-TK Clayton Kershaw & Mike Trout
(pic via @mojobreak_com on twitter)

Triple Autographs

#TA-KGP Pederson, Kershaw, Gonzalez

#TA-KLS Sale, Lester, Kershaw

Illustrious Autographs

#IA-JP Joc Pederson

Thrill of the Chase Die-Cut Autographs

#TC-CK Clayton Kershaw

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