Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Dodgers "Happy People Doll"

Check out this little Dodger troll I ran into on eBay (auction link).  It stands a sizable 4.5" and wears a Dodger jersey that looks more like a poncho than a uniform.  It definitely has a haphazard slipshod appearance.  I bet this trinket could have been found in some horrible little shop in the bad part of town.

Still, I needed to find out more about it.  When was it made, and who made it?  Is it some slapped about concoction created by a bored mother hoping to make a child smile?  Maybe it was an attempt to capitalize on the teams popularity, so they churned these out for pennies and sold them to kids with a less than discerning eye.  Or, was this actually sold by the team?

Where the heck does this come from?

After a little bit of research the answer has been revealed.  This plastic troll-like figurine is an actual Dodgers product that was once sold out of their mail-order catalog in the 60's.  As proof check out the pic below. 

Here is a copy of a 1966 Dodgers mail order catalog.  If you look closely you'll see the exact same doll at the middle of the page.  For the price of $1.50 you can get a Dodger "Happy People Doll." Wow.  All I can say is that's a terrible name for the product.

More searching discovered another "Happy People Doll" on eBay, and as you can see this one has been out in the sun way too long (auction link). 

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