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Blog Kiosk: 10/19/2015 - Dodger Links - Scavuzzo, Greinke and Don Mattingly

Congratulations to Dodger prospect Jacob Scavuzzo for winning the NL title and the overall championship in the AFL Bowman Hitting Challenge in Arizona.  Via Spencer Fordin at, "Dodgers' Scavuzzo wins Fall League Hitting Challenge."
"It's a good experience," he said of the AFL. "You get a chance to see the game's best prospects. I'm not really that tired. A lot of guys are complaining about it being a long season, but it's not my first full season. I think I've prepared my body to play well into September or October. I feel great."
Photo above via @MLBazFallLeague on twitter.  Below are more links to check out:
“I’m glad I play for Don,” third baseman Justin Turner said. “I would play for Donnie any day of the week. Anything he wanted me to do, anything he asked of me, I’m right there, I’m behind him 100%. I think he’s an unbelievable manager, did an unbelievable job handling everything that goes on both on and off the field with this club, and he’s got my support 100%.”
“All three years I’ve been here so far, it’s a different type of job here,” (JP) Howell said. “The expectations are World Series or fail, and that’s throughout the whole season, so he’s done a great job of when it’s not going so well, he’s always cool to be around. He’s never been terrible, even when he’s looking like he might be in trouble in 2013, he was great. He was great to be around. We were in Milwaukee at the time, and he handled that cool as a cucumber, so that’s all we could ask.”

“We didn't lose because of Donnie, like everybody says,” (Enrique) Hernandez said. “We lost because we couldn't score runs. Donnie has nothing to do with this. There's no reason Donnie has to be fired.”
  • Former Dodger Ryan Theriot is a troll, via his tweet:

"In '45, I had a good year," Sandlock said. "But the next season, what's his name? The shortstop, [Pee Wee] Reese came back. I had to take the No. 1 off and give it back to him, and I wore No. 4. Reese was a hell of a nice guy, but anyway, in '46 they sent me to Montreal [in the International League]. That's when Jackie Robinson was being brought in. In spring training, Rickey asked me if I would play pepper with Jackie Robinson, that's when you could play pepper [a brisk batting and fielding exercise that has long disappeared from baseball]."
  • ICYMI: head athletic trainer Stan Conte has resigned.  Who knows if this will result in better injury assessments and fewer trips to the DL.  I do know that the spate of hamstring issues over the past few years has been frustrating.  Via a Dodger press release:
“I want to thank the Dodger organization and specifically each and every one of the dedicated medical staff for their support these last nine seasons in Los Angeles,” Conte said in a club release. “My resignation will allow me to focus on my research in baseball injury analytics as I remain committed to determining the causes and effects of various baseball injuries.”
On another note, I wonder is this is just the first shoe to drop.  Who else, if any, from the big club will be asked to go?
  • With the season now over for the Dodgers the Chase Utley suspension appeal has been postponed, via an AP report on ESPN.

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