Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Is Cahill a Dodger at Heart?

On the lighter side of Blue, Trevor Cahill was caught on camera sporting what looked like Los Angeles Dodgers socks during the sixth inning of last night's game.  Check out the pic above as proof.

As you'll recall, Cahill joined the Dodger franchise after being released by the Braves this past July, spent over a month in the minors, then opted out of his minor league deal in August to eventually sign with the Cubs.  So, he has some history with the club.

Additionally, he was born and raised in northern San Diego County and might have been a Dodger fan as a kid.  Knowing how superstitious ballplayers can be maybe these were his lucky socks from those days.

Still, you would think having these on would be a major paux pas in any clubhouse.

I thought I would also add that Topps even made a Baseball card for him - complete with an airbrushed Dodger uniform - in their Heritage card release in September (I wrote about that here). Considering the above socks, his potential childhood fandom and past playing history - albeit short - I bet he was ecstatic about the card.

Hat Tip: Rob Ogden at the Chicago Sun Times.
Pic above via Ali Thanawalla on twitter.

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