Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pedro Guerrero Votes for Dusty - Rants on Twitter

Oh, boy!

The end of the Baseball season is oftentimes filled with comedy gold.  For instance, we recently witnessed the ranting of former Dodger infielder Ryan Theriot on twitter - who has a well known bias against the saber-geek squad.  Now, we get to bask at the epic screams of everyone's favorite Dominican ex-Dodger from the 1980's, Pedro Guerrero.

As you may know, Pedro has not been shy about sharing his opinions online.  He curses, he hates (on the Giants) and vocally lobbies for a future job as a Major League manager.  (Please, someone hire him!)  Guerrero also keeps tabs on the team that raised him, and this Dodger fan couldn't be more pleased about that.  Check out his twitter feed to see what I mean (here).

Yesterday, he went onto twitter to tell the world what he thinks the Dodgers should do in the clubhouse.  Pedro Guerrero believes they should hire former Dodger outfielder and well-known "killer of pitchers" Dusty Baker.

I think the collective heads of a lot of fans would explode if this happened. 

Not only that, he would vocally clash with the Dodgers' front office - considering his views on sabermetrics. 
As a fervent Dodger fan, I cannot argue against bringing home any former Dodger.  I was raised to look at the team as family, and continue to feel that way... But, as manager... No way.
"Look at the Eyes!"

Wait... Aren't all the playoff teams sabermetrically-based, to some extent?
Now this is classic Pedro.  Thank you for this.

Hat Tip: r/_Autumn_Wind on Reddit.
Photo above via @Dodgers on twitter.

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