Wednesday, March 30, 2016

2016 Walmart Marketside Pizza Baseball - All the Dodgers Cards

Could this be the start of something?

Are retail food issues coming back?

Coming to a Walmart near you (if not already there) are Topps produced Baseball cards located within packages of both pizza and bread sticks boxes in the Marketside deli area.  Each package includes a single pack of three cards, a coupon and a Topps Bunt code.  The complete set consist of 50 cards, and there are no special inserts like autographs or relics.  Go here for an complete checklist.  These cards will be available until late-June. 

Only two Dodger players are available.  Check them out below.

BTW, if you go searching for these be sure to make sure the pack is in the box.  Apparently, you can open the boxes without any fuss, and the packs are not adhered or glued to the cardboard.  So, unscrupulousness collectors may try to steal them.   

#45 Clayton Kershaw                                 #47 Corey Seager

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