Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sit Your Bum Down Right Here

Unless you're sitting in the outfield pavilion at Dodger Stadium -- which amazingly still uses benches -- there isn't much of a demand for a seat cushion.  Most folks seem quite settled in those contoured pull-down seats, and with games expected to get shorter with every new rule change folks don't have to rest their behind on that hard plastic for long.  I, on the other hand, hardly find those seats comfortable, and I know I'm not alone in that thinking.  So, why not use a seat cushion, and why don't the Dodgers give one away every year as a promotion?  They are, after all, the kind of thing that would go to good use.

Unfortunately, the marketing folks at the team don't appear to agree with me, and we'll have to go another year without this obvious win-win giveaway.  In their obvious lapse of judgement I thought I would take a moment to troll the online swap meet that is eBay for some suitable cushions for your bum, many of which appear to have been past freebies at the stadium, and share them with you here. 

At the very top is a circa 1997 cushion with a basic logo on the front (link here).  Below left is another cushion that, based on its logo, is from the following season (link here).  The round Baseball-shaped cushion on the bottom right looks like an oldie (link here). Could it be a pre-80's ittem?

Here are a couple more.  The green ones on the bottom left is said to be from Vero Beach (link here), and I have to wonder if it was a giveaway at Holman Stadium on St. Patrick's Day.  The cushion on the right is definitely a giveaway; given the Chevrolet ad on the front (link here).

This last one, though, is my absolute favorite.  It not only works as an in-game seat cushion but may also provide relief for those with a painful hemorrhoid (link here).

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