Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Look at some Vintage Brooklyn Dodgers China

Given how often these pop up at various auctions throughout a year, I thought I would take a moment to briefly write about them here.  Featured is a vintage set of 1952 Brooklyn Dodgers National League Champions china that includes a plate, cup and saucer.  The exact set shown in the pic above is currently available at Hunt Auctions (Auction Link Here).

These were originally given to players, coaches, Dodgers employees and even the press in appreciation for the work done that past season.  In 1952 the Dodgers won the pennant by 4.5 games over the Giants, but lost the World Series to the Yankees that Fall.

The china includes a spiffy looking pennant logo emblazoned on front, and a Delano Studios mark and formal thank you from the Dodgers on its reverse.  It says:
With Sincere Appreciation From
The Dodgers
National League Champions - 1952
You can check out an example of what these look like in the photo below.  Pics grabbed from a Keyman Collectibles post.

What I was surprised to find out, via Keyman Collectibles, is that there is more to the set than what we see above.  Along with the plate, cup and saucer; there is also a cake plate and trivet.  Furthermore, these weren't the only chinaware set given out by the team.  Individual player chinaware are also known to exist, and is far more difficult to find.  In fact, I'm fairly certain I've never seen any of these.  Fortunately, Keyman Collectibles has a few pics of these to share.  Inside the Park Collectibles also has more pics to check out here.

There appears to be little clarity on when exactly the player-themed china set was distributed, but it's assumed that they were given to players and personnel at some time during the 50's.  Players known to exist in this form include Reese, Campanella, Snider, Hodges, Furillo, Erskine and Billy Cox.  It is assumed that a Jackie Robinson set exist, but that has not been confirmed.

As for value, I've often seen the generic 1952 NL Champions set (plate, cup & saucer) sell from between $300 to $400.  The player china, on the other hand, if far more rare and valued much higher.  These items can sell for $500 or more, per piece.

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