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Blog Kiosk: 8/31/2016 - Dodgers Links - Puig, Newcombe, Kershaw and Last Nights Rain Delay

After waiting over 2.5 hours they finally postponed last night game due to rain, so both teams will face off against each other in a doubleheader today.  The first game will be at 12:10 PT with Ross Stripling pitching for the Dodgers and Tyler Anderson pitching for the Rockies.  The second game is slated to begin at 5:10 PT with Rich Hill pitching for the Dodgers and Jeff Hoffman pitching for the Rockies.  This is the Dodgers first twin-bill of the season.

In commemoration of last nights rain out I made the above two fantasy Baseball cards using the 2007 Topps Baseball card design and photos shared by the @Dodgers on twitter.  Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodger History:  In 1950 Gil Hodges became the fourth Major Leaguer to hit four home runs in a single game.  He also tied a Major League record for total bases in a game with 17.  In 1959 Sandy Koufax struck out 18 Giants batters to establish a new MLB record for strike outs in a nine-inning game.  In 2010 the Dodgers traded for pitcher Jon Garland.
  • Happy Birthday, Hideo Nomo and Tom Candiotti!
  • Via Daniel Wyatt at the National Pastime Museum; "Don Newcombe—So Close."
Dodger scouts Andy High and Wid Matthews were very impressed with the hard-throwing Newcombe. Their report to Rickey was: “He has a powerful arm and he’s a very good hitter. There isn’t a pitcher in either league who can hit like he can.” Newcombe was also an excellent fielder. After seeing him pitch, Rickey himself noted: “The difference between a poor and good fielding pitcher is in the moving of the pivot foot. Don Newcombe brings himself into a beautiful fielding position every time. He steps and then, boom—he brings over his pivot even with his stepping foot, in perfect balance.”
  • Here's an utterly fascinating story on, "The strange case of Gil Hodges and the missing Dormand post card" that I saw on an Freedom Cardboard forum (Link Here).  I was aware of the postcards rarity, but didn't know why that was the case or that it's value has since plummeted.
  • Via Doug Padilla at ESPN; "LHP Clayton Kershaw comes out of simulated game 'feeling really good'" 
"My guess is that Kersh will want to pitch in a major league game tomorrow," Friedman said. "With the time that he's missed, my guess is that the next step will be a minor league assignment. I think it will take a little bit of time to build him up in a way for him to be strong through September and hopefully October as well."
  • You can check out photos by Jon SooHoo of Kershaw, Brett Anderson and Scott Kazmir pitching to batters during the simulated workout at Dodger Stadium yesterday, here (link here).   On the photo on the right Kershaw greets several of the young Dodger prospects who made it out to bat against the pro's.
  • Via Marly Rivera at ESPN; "Yasiel Puig Q&A: Trying to make the best of his time in Triple-A."
What went wrong?
I got too distracted from my job and did not pay attention to the things that I needed to be paying attention to in order to be able to continue being a star and shine in my job. I had the [misfortune] of falling into bad times, and now I have to keep working to get out of those bad times and return to being the star that I was in 2013.
“From a historian perspective,’’ Kontilai said, “the reason they’re valued at so much money is not from the baseball angle, but because they are freedom documents. Jackie Robinson was a pioneering freedom fighter. And to have the founding documents of the civil rights moment fall into your hands, and then to share them with America, is truly amazing.

“It’s an awesome responsibility to own these, but to be quite honest, the sooner we can get these into the hands of a museum, or the Hall of Fame, the better.’’
I doubt these docs are worth the $36Million estimate provided by the owner.  After all, there are likely multiple signed copies still in existence.  Although, it's cool knowing that this is suppose to be one of the contracts (at least one of its duplicates) that Jackie signed during that famous photo with Branch Rickey. 
“I just want to pursue what I believe in, what I’m passionate about,” he said. “And if some say, ‘What if you fail?’ Or ‘What if you don’t make it?’ Guess what? I don’t have to live with regret. I’ve done everything I could. I pushed it. I would rather be someone who could live in peace than being scared if I didn’t make it.”

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