Thursday, August 11, 2016

Vintage Dodgers Newsletter - Line Drives from the Dodgers - 1947, Vol. 9, #2

Here is an other look at an issue of "Line Drive from the Dodgers".  This time we take a peek at the June 1947 newsletter that takes the time to introduce several new faces to the fans.  As you may know, this is the season that features the debut of Jackie Robinson in the Major Leagues.  Per the headline story as seen at the very top:
Even when basepaths were soggy during the Spring and it was more hazardous than usual to try to take that extra base, Pete Reise, Jackie Robinson and other fleet-footed runners in the Dodgers cast gave enemy catchers and outfielders the jitters.  The Dodgers were always ready to run, to test the other fellow's arm.

Here is the Shotton figures it: "We got caught a few times on the bases," he said, "But we put the fear into the other fellow.  Now he knows we're a running team, and he'll have to hurry every throw.  It'll start to pay off for us now if we keep on running, for they'll make bad throws and we'll outrun that ball more often than not."
There's also a story about new Dodgers manager Burt Shotton, and it makes note of the difference in strategy between him and the prior skipper Leo Durocher.
Burton Edwin (Barney) Shotton and Leo Durocher:  diametric opposites.  Shotton is soft-spoken, patient, fatherly, unostentatious; Durocher was boisterous, impetuous, daring, inspirational, aggressive.

In charge of the same players, Shotton has the same unswerving loyalty to the Dodgers that Durocher had in 1946.  The methods are different, but the results are the same.

But probably the best thing about this specific newsletter is the fantastic group of photos on the very last page.  Check it out below.

BTW, I'd like to extend thanks to fellow Dodger collector Doug for passing this newsletter along.

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