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Blog Kiosk: 9/20/2016 - Dodgers Links - Kershaw, Scully and a Giant Petulant Child

What I think we witnessed last night... not the come-from-behind thrilling walk-off victory... was the last remnants of an failing ballclub that saw its leader, its "Ace", an emotionally riddled miscreant, fall apart in an incomprehensible meltdown. 

"Don't look at me!"

That's the scream of a petulant child.  Per Doug Padilla at ESPN:
"It definitely motivates us and it seems to be a distraction to have this problem in their head," Puig said through an interpreter. "They weren't able to pitch the way they were pitching and he had to leave the game."
Folks just need to understand something.  Puig may be an flamboyant man-child, but Bumgarner is unhinged and in serious need of anger management counseling.  Per Jack Baer and Chris Haft at MLB.com:
"That wasn't Puig's fault," Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw said. "Kind of looked like [Bumgarner] was saying don't look at him. We all know Bum's pretty intense out there, but he definitely stirred the fire on that one. He was asking for it. I don't know what he expected to happen."
What did happen was a 2-1 walk-off victory for the good guys.  BTW, Clayton Kershaw was fantastic, save an wild pitch in the third inning, in his six innings.  He recorded seven strike outs, one walk and three hits with 88 pitches thrown.  Photo above via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2016Go here to check out more pics from Jon from yesterdays game.  Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodger History:  In 1907 the Dodgers are no-hit by Pirates rookie Nick Maddox, 2-1. In 1959 the Dodgers and Giants play the last ballgame ever at San Francisco's Seals Stadium.. The Dodgers defeated the Giants 8-2.  In 1993 Dave Hanson broke the Dodgers franchise record for pinch hits in a season at 18.  In 2011 Clayton Kershaw becomes the first Dodger twenty game winner since Ramon Martinez in 1990.  He defeats the Giants 2-1.  BTW, DodgerFilms was there and shared a video that you can watch here.
  • Happy Birthday, Chuck Dressen!  He was born 122 years ago today.
  • defgav at Baseball Card Breakdown creates a "Bumgarner vs. Puig" custom Baseball card.  Check it out here.
  • Yesterday morning Vin Scully held a press conference and Jon Weisman at Dodger Insider shares much of the details.  Check out his post here.  Below is an excerpt.  Go here to listen to the whole thing.
On the essence of the Dodgers-Giants rivalry:
Well, you really have to go back to New York. You have to realize that the Dodger fans and the Giants fans were, in a lot of cases, shoulder to shoulder all year long, working at their jobs. I can remember as a kid working for the post office during the Christmas holidays trying to make some money, and we’d be sliding mail, hundreds of them, standing in front of hundreds of cubbyholes and putting mail in the holes. And we’d spend all the time, slotting and arguing about who was better, Duke Snider or Willie Mays, etc., etc.

Also, the borough of Brooklyn had an atmosphere of “it’s us against the world.” So the Giants were the lordly team on the Harlem River, and they’d come over to Brooklyn. In the olden days, they tell me that (John) McGraw would bring the Giants over to Brooklyn in horse-drawn carriages, and the people in Brooklyn, the real fans, would throw things down on top of them. So the rivalry was somewhat bitter, because of the fact there was a great deal of friction.
2. He made puns that caused an entire stadium to groan:
"I'll always remember the worst pun I ever gave was in the Coliseum. Joe Torre was the catcher and he caught a foul tip off his hand. He had to come out of the game. But the next day he played third base, and I was just talking to the fans and somehow this came out. I said, 'Well, there is Joe playing third. If he does not ever put the gear back on behind the plate, he will forever be known as Chicken Catcher Torre.' The groan from the crowd of 50-, 60,000 was something that I'll still remember to my dying day."
  • Yeah!!!  Per Cut4 we get the result of the online voting for 2016 Dodgers "Fan of the Year" and it's Emma Amaya.  Congrats! 
  • Via Matthew Moreno at Dodger Blue; "Clayton Kershaw Enjoys Return To High-Intensity Game."
“That was incredible, that was such a fun game to be a part of,” Kershaw said after the Dodgers’ walk-off victory.

After throwing five shutout innings and holding the New York Yankees to just one hit in his previous start, Kershaw wasn’t overly sharp Monday. “My stuff was a lot better in New York than it was [Monday],” he said.
 Mr. Bumgarner gets KKKike for the 3rd time tonight
  • Available this week is Topps 2016 Heritage High Number Baseball set, and Blowout Buzz shares some preview pics.  Go here to check them out; including the Ross Stripling card below.

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