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Blog Kiosk: 12/13/2016 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

Few photos tell a story like the one seen above.  Featured is Jackie Robinson with David Campanella, son of Roy, and a young lad named Larry Solomon (possibly the photographers son) at the "Seated Lincoln" memorial statue at the Essex County Courthouse in Newark, NJ. (eBay Auction Link) This photo provides a poignant look at the the man who broke the color barrier in Baseball paying homage at a statue that celebrates the man who helped free the country.  Per the description on the reverse:
Making the eighth annual pilgrimage to the statue of Abraham Lincoln, 9-year-old Larry Solomon places a wreath of flowers in the arms of the Great Emancipator.  Looking on are Brooklyn Dodger star Jackie Robinson and David Campanella, son of Dodger catcher, Roy Campanella.  Thousands of persons were flocking to the cemetery in Springfield, IL, and other Lincoln shrines to pay tribute to him on the 142nd anniversary of his birth, Feb. 12, 1951.
BTW, the pic was taken by Harlem based photographer Chick Solomon for ACME.  Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodger History:  In 1956 the Dodgers tried to do the unthinkable.  They announced the trade that would send legendary second baseman Jackie Robinson to the hated NY Giants for pitcher Dick Littlefield and $35,000. It would be voided the next day.  Jackie would then announce his retirement from the game a few weeks later.  In 2001 the Dodgers received Cesar Izturis and Paul Quantril in a trade with Toronto for Chad Ricketts and Luke Prokopec.  In 2003 the Dodgers traded Kevin Brown to the Yankees for pitchers Yhency Brazoban and Jeff Weaver.  In 2005 the Dodgers signed free agent veteran catcher Sandy Alomar.  Also, they traded troubled outfielder Milton Bradley and Antonio Perez to the A's for Andre Ethier on the same day.
  • Happy Birthday, Nate Oliver, Ricky Nolasco, George Shuba, Carl Erskine & Billy Loes!
  • Via Tom Hoffarth at Farther Off the Wall; "Pencil in the semi-regular Vin Scully updates: A lunch date auction and a Shrine candidacy."
  • Via Jeff Sullivan at Fangraphs; "Kenley Jansen’s Simple Baseball."
Jansen, in short, gets the ball, and he grips it the same way over and over. Then he throws some kind of high strike, and the hitter frequently misses it. There’s been no sign of the league catching up. Jansen was maybe just more dominant than ever. This is all he is.

On my part, I’m just guessing, but I feel like Jansen’s approach makes him more dependable. I think it makes him less likely to break down, especially when compared to some dominant reliever who throws a truckload of sliders.
“The Nationals’ presentation was exceptional and generous and for more money. They conducted recruitment of this player in a high caliber professional way. Kenley and I were very impressed,” Katz said. “At the end of the day Kenley loves Los Angeles, his Dodger family, the fans here and although money was a factor, it wasn’t the most important thing.”
  • BTW, news on the Justin Turner negotiations with the Dodgers is also good.  Per Doug Padilla at ESPN; "Free-agent 3B Justin Turner close to deal with Dodgers."
  • Via Bill Shaikin at the LA Times; "Why the luxury tax increase is tip money to the 2017 Dodgers."
They don’t fully kick in until the 2018 season, so the Dodgers are taking advantage of a one-year window in which they can run the same $250-million payroll as they did this year and pay only another $3 million in taxes.
  • Boo!  I think this is a bit much.  Per Patrick Redford at Deadspin; "MLB To Ban Bullying And Hazing In New CBA."  I guess this means we won't be seeing any more of this:
(Pic via @Dodgers on twitter)
  • Night Owl Cards shares a bunch of Dodgers' 1992 Topps fantasy Baseball cards received from Topps Cards that Never Were.
  • Paul Lukas at UniWatch takes us through a brief tour of the Negro Southern League Museum in Birmingham, Alabama (Link Here).

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