Friday, January 06, 2017

A Vintage Brooklyn Dodger Doll for the Collection

Several months ago I picked up an unusual vintage Dodgers doll that you can see above.  It was something I had never seen before, and due to my proclivity for the oddball I knew I had to make an attempt to get it.  So, I placed a bid and waited.  Fortunately, no one else had their eye on it, and I was able to take it home without much competition (and at what appears to be a steal of a price).  For about $15 I became the new owner to a "well loved" yet far from mint Brooklyn Dodgers "Bum" doll.

Fast forward to the other day, and now I know a little more about the figurine.  The exact same doll had sold on eBay for $175.50 (eBay Auction Link).

Wow!  I didn't expect that kind of price.

The eBay listing didn't provide much background information.  So, I still don't know when it was manufactured or by whom.   What I do know, though, is that I'm missing a blue jacket with the number "4" on the back. 

Does this mean that this "Bum" is meant to be a fan of Duke Snider?

I dunno. 

Below are a bunch of the photos from that recent eBay sale to compare and contrast.

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  1. I have this doll which also has a bat. I got this from clem labine the relief pitcher for the brooklyn dodgers.

  2. I bought this doll a week ago at an estate sale. I knew nothing about it except it caught my eye… it just seemed special! We’ll I found out it’s a 1940’s Brooklyn Dodgers Bum doll! One sold at Leland’s auction for $270 and seem pretty rare. If anyone is interested I plan on selling it for the right price. Contact me


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