Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Dodgers Miracle Matchup by IBM?

What the heck is this all about?

I recently came across an old t-shirt promoting an unusual event that features a computer simulated game between two Dodgers' World Series clubs.  It was dubbed a "Miracle Matchup", and it pitted the 1963 club against the 1981 team. (eBay Auction Link)

As a lover of Dodgers' oddball stuff I had to find out more.  Unfortunately, information is a bit lacking.  From what I can gather, IBM put together a group of simulations for various teams and debut the results during an upcoming game in 1986.  In the Dodgers case it was unveiled during a game between the Dodgers and Reds in early September.  I am uncertain if this was an in-game promotion or a commercials fans could watch on television.  If you happen to know anything about this please pass that knowledge along.

Other than the Dodgers, I know the Phillies also had a "Miracle Matchup" promoted by IBM.  That match featured the 1977 Phillies versus the 1983 team, and you can watch a commercial promoting the event below.  I have yet to run into a similar Dodgers commercial.

Of note, Hall of Fame Philadelphia broadcaster Harry Kalas narrates the commercial -- which makes me wonder if Vin Scully did the same thing for a Dodgers ad.

Video Link:

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