Tuesday, May 16, 2017

More Oddball to Add to the Collection - Podres and Furillo

Here is a look at even more items I recently added to my collection. I had previously acquired a nice-sized lot of vintage Brooklyn and LA Dodgers memorabilia, and have slowly been sharing its contents on this blog. So stay tuned, there are a few more items (along with this post) that I have yet to share.

Along with the 1956 Brooklyn Dodgers photo pack set I also received the above signed photo of Johnny Podres. As you will notice, it is signed on a photo from a 1956 photo pack. BTW, I actually have a partial 1957 photo pack set as well as numerous singles, but will refrain from sharing them until I complete a set.

The next item below is a total mystery to me. It was described as a scarce Carl Furillo photo premium with facsimile autograph. So, it was some sort of giveaway. Who gave it away and for what, I do not know. If you happen to know anything about this item please pass that knowledge along.

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