Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Oddest Oddball in My Odd Collection

How weird is my Dodger collection?

It's so weird it includes two empty envelopes.

Of course, they aren't your run-of-the-mill envelope that you can purchase at your local stationary store. Instead, these are old and yellowing, and were originally used by the Montreal Royals ballclub in the 50's -- the Dodgers top minor league affiliate at the time.

Although, that in itself doesn't really warrant a blog post on its own. After all, these envelopes are kinda boring... until you notice a peculiar postmark on one of them (as seen below).

Do you see what I see?

Let me blow it up a bit.

Yeah... I'm a weird collector.

Along with a typical postmark is the stamped phrase, "Follow the Royals" -- which is reminiscent of the famed Dodger song played by famed Ebbets Field organist Gladys Gooding called, "Follow the Dodgers."

BTW, I recently heard a fantastic rendition of the old Dodger theme song mashed-up with the classical feel of Frédéric Chopin that you can watch below. You can hear the original recording of the song here.

Video Link:

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