Monday, November 13, 2017

Original Sandy Koufax - Nicholas Volpe 1964 Painting

I was really hoping this painting would fly under the radar.

Featured above is an original Nicholas Volpe painting of Sandy Koufax that was used to create his 1964 Union Oil player portrait. (auction link) As you may know, the Dodgers marketing partnership with Union Oil in the 1960's brought about numerous giveaways that were available at local gas stations throughout the Southland. One of the more popular of which were 8 1/2" x 11" player portraits.

These little works of art were created by Nicholas Volpe - a well regarded portrait artist who received a lifetime commission from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to create Oscar portraits.

You can check out the actual player portrait given out by Union Oil on the right. Also, this Koufax portrait was also used by Maruzen Oil in Japan for a limited edition promotion related to the Dodgers 'Tour of Japan' in 1966. You can see that here.

As I indicated above, I was hoping this painting would get overlooked at the Goldin Auction. With only a week or so left til the auctions close I decided to place a bid in hopes of adding it my my wall. At the time, there were no bids on the painting, so I figured there may a chance it gets overlooked by Koufax collectors. Unfortunately, a flurry of bids came in late, and it ended up selling for a little more than what I was willing to pay. It closed at $491 (including buyer premium). In retrospect, that price might be low.

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