Friday, July 13, 2018

Dodgers Memorabilia at Hunt Auctions Available at All-Star FanFest

Once again Hunt Auctions is hosting a live memorabilia auction at the All-Star Game FanFest, and there are some great Dodger goodies to gawk over. Most notable is the below game-used Brooklyn cap with two composite shell plates sewn in as protection that was purportedly worn by Jackie Robinson. (Auction Link)

Last year a similar Jackie Robinson Brooklyn Dodgers cap came up for auction at Lelands (link here) that had excellent provenance. That cap came from Jackie's wife, Rachel, and sold for an unbelievable $590,994 -- breaking a record established in 2012 when David Wells paid $537,278 for a Babe Ruth cap.

The protective lid above does not have that kind of provenance. Per the auction description:
This particular hat was originally obtained by a Manhassett, New York gentleman who lived in the same neighborhood as a Brooklyn Dodgers employee. The two became acquainted and led to the presentation of the offered Dodgers hat to the gentleman. At the time of presentation, it was relayed to the gentleman that this was a "hat worn by Jackie Robinson with the protective plates due to him being hit in the head by opposing pitchers." The hat has "B.Hess" written inside the leather headband corresponding to the recipient with no other indicative player markings. It is important to note that the offered hat is approx. a size 6 3/4 versus the documented Robinson family example which was around size 7.
This cap will obviously not sell for anywhere near the half-million the prior cap sold for. Nevertheless, it's a nice item worthy of museum inclusion. After all, although you can't prove it donned Jackie's head, you can surmise that the club had to have made more than one and this hat has all the hallmarks of a real one.

The next item I wanted to point to is a 1988 World Series trophy that once belonged Dodgers front office employee Tommy Hawkins. (Auction Link)  See it on the right. With the 1988 Dodgers documentary airing this weekend I figured this item was an appropriate share.

Lastly, check out the sterling silver cup below. (Auction Link) It is a presentation piece given to Dodger legend Steve Garvey in 1982 for 14 years of service to the club.

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