Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Topps Living Set - #88 - Manny Machado in Dodger Blue

The Dodgers sixth card in Topps Living Set features recently acquired slugger Manny Machado. In fact, this is the second card available of him in this set. Earlier this season they made a card for him (#37) as a Baltimore Oriole (see that on the right) that sold 6,516 copies. Now that he moved to the best coast it's only reasonable that a Dodger card be created to commemorate his stay in Los Angeles. After all, I think it's fair to assume that the Dodgers are not likely to make a serious run for his services following this season; especially when you consider that we have Corey Seager waiting in the wings. Go here to check out the Machado card and order.

BTW, it's only appropriate that Manny's be card #88 in this set. He wears #8 as a Dodger.

On a side note, I wonder if this means that we'll see cards for Dozier and Freese soon.

Below is a current Dodgers checklist with their corresponding print runs:
#17 - Chris Taylor (link here) 4,837 print run
#42 - Jackie Robinson (link here)13,147 print run
#53 - Walker Buehler (link here) 7,305 print run
#66 - Yasiel Puig (link here) 4,886 print run
#73 - Cody Bellinger (link here)  5,273 print run

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