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Blog Kiosk: 2/26/2020 - Dodgers Links & News - Some Odds and Ends

Check out this vintage, likely 1950's era, photograph featuring former Dodger and Negro League star Dan Bankhead, available via eBay (link here). As you may know, he was acquired by the Dodgers in 1947 from the Memphis Red Sox of the Negro American League in hopes he could perform some magic for the playoff bound Brooklyn Dodgers. Unfortunately, he was wild and ineffective.

Often compared to Bob Feller, Bankhead sported a blistering fastball with a good curve, but faced control issues when in the Majors. Overall, he played parts of three season for Brooklyn -- going 9-5 with a 6.52 ERA.

Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodgers History: In 1952 Dodgers all-star pitcher Don Newcombe is sworn into the Army to serve in the Korean War. The 26-year old would miss the next two seasons, and struggle on the field his first year back in 1954. Then, he would go on to regain his old form over the next two seasons by winning a collective 47 games and leading the Dodgers to its first World Series championship in 1955. In 2001 the Dodgers traded outfielder Devon White to the Brewers for Marquis Grissom. In two seasons Grissom would slash .245/.281/.450/.731 with 38 homeruns, 120 RBI's and an OPS+ of 94.
  • Happy Birthday, Preacher Roe, Ron Negray & Matt Luke!
  • Video: Tony Gonsolin Talking 2020 at Dodgers Spring Training with teven Douglas of Sports Illustrated (video link).
  • Video: Steven Douglas of Sports Illustrated has a Conversation with Dodgers Prospect Jordan Sheffield (video link).
  • Video: Rob Hill (Dodgers Pitching Coordinator) - From Driveline to the Dodgers (video link).
  • This is silly. Via Gemma Kaneko and Michael Clair at -- "October success not in the stars for Kershaw?"
"This year will be much better than last for Kershaw as last year the planet of restriction, Saturn, was transiting his planet of action – Mars, which is at 17 degrees of Capricorn. Now this year the opposite will be happening," Gordon explained. "Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good luck, will be going over his Mars at 17 Capricorn in the sky. These lucky opportunities and bouts of ease will happen three times, each with a 10-day glow on each side: Feb. 19, Sept. 6, Sept. 19. I do not see any struggles for him as the challenges of the last two years have finally come to an end."
  • In case you are interested, here's a look at the cover for the Dodgers 2020 Media Guide, on the right.
  • Via Jesse Sanchez at -- "Healthy Kershaw lining up for Opening Day start."
  • Per Ken Gurnick at -- "Raves for Betts' team address: 'It was awesome'"
“When you stand up in front of the team on the first day and essentially call everyone out, says he wants to hold everyone accountable for their effort -- not just in the game, but in the workouts -- that’s like, all right, you learn what he’s about really fast,” said Justin Turner. “Same principle [as Gibson’s speech], just not critical of us. This was him saying this before he knew anybody. Just signs of leadership, it jumps out at you.
“The first week he was here early, getting out before guys were getting going, so we didn’t really have that many conversations with him. Just kind of assumed he was a quiet guy who goes about his business. Then Day One, you realize you were way off. He was proactive, let’s get in front of this -- Day One is as urgent as Game 7 of the World Series. It was awesome, actually.”
  • Via Mike Petriello at -- "Deepest roster ever? Dodgers just might have it: LA projected to have Top-10 production at 10 different positions."
  • Via Dustin Nosler at Dodgers Digest -- "2020 Dodgers Top 100 Prospects: No. 10, 2B/1B/OF Michael Busch."
  • Awesome! Via Rich Mueller at Sports Collectors Daily -- "Hall of Fame’s “Starting Nine” Highlights Items from each MLB Franchise." Check out the Hall of Fame website featuring their selection of nine museum pieces. Go here. The NL West, including the Dodgers, will be available to view on March 23rd.
  • Beware! Per Farley Elliott at Eater -- "Someone Is Selling Tickets to a Big LA Barbecue Event That Doesn’t Exist." The event is suppose to be held at Dodger Stadium, but it's all a scam. BUYER BEWARE!
Eater has confirmed that the Fusion BBQ Beer Fest is not slated to actually take place at Dodger Stadium on July 18, because the Dodgers have a home game that day. Reached for comment, a representative for the Dodgers said that the team has never heard of the Fusion BBQ Beer Fest, and that the event is definitely not taking place on their property on that date. The Dodgers 2020 schedule was announced in August of last year, effectively blocking off July 18 as a possible date for an outside event months before the Fusion BBQ Beer Fest Eventbrite link was even created. It is unclear how many tickets may have already been sold through the Eventbrite link.

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