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Blog Kiosk: 4/2/2020 - Dodgers Links & News - Some Odds and Ends

Dated to Opening Day, April 17, 1934, here's a AP press photo featuring Dodger manager Casey Stengel shaking hands with Boston Braves skipper Bill McKechnie (eBay auction link).

BTW, the Brooklyn Dodgers won that afternoons contest, 8-7, on the back of homers by outfielders Danny Taylor and Hack Wilson and a complete game by Van Lingle Mungo.

Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodgers HistoryIn 1972 47-year old Dodger great Gil Hodges dies of an heart attack. In 2008 Dodgers coach Larry Bowa is ejected from the game for not staying within the boundaries of the coaching box. He is given a three-game suspension for "inappropriate and aggressive conduct," in which he had to be restrained by manager Joe Torre and bench coach Bob Schaefer. As background, Mike Coolbaugh, first base coach for the Double-A Tulsa Drillers, was killed the year prior from a batted ball that struck him in the temple while coaching. You can watch the ejection here.
  • Happy BirthdayHughie "Ee-Yah" JenningsDon SuttonReggie Smith & Mike Kekich!
  • Video via CBS LA -- "Former Dodger Adrian Gonzalez Quarantined."
  • Per David Barron at the Houston Chronicle -- "Law firm seeks Dodgers, Yankees fans to join lawsuits against Astros."
The websites and were launched by the firm Hilliard Martinez Gonzales. Both sites were advertised on Facebook in an effort to contact fans of the teams that traveled to Houston for playoff games in 2017, when the Astros beat the Yankees and Dodgers en route to the World Series title.

“We’re trying to find people who traveled to Minute Maid Park, Yankees or Dodgers fans, who spent money in flights, hotel rooms, rental cars, to watch a game that was not fair,” said John Duff, an associate with the Hilliard firm.
  • Topps has just unveiled a monthly subscription mystery box-like service that they are calling Topps Future Stars Club. It'll cost $24.99 a month and will include one trading card box, a exclusive five-card set and one collectible item. The first box, for the month of April, will include a 2020 Topps Opening Day Value Box, a collectible patch and a five-card set featuring left-handed power-hitting outfielders. BTW, Cody Bellinger is included in this set (see the card on the right). Go here to check this out and order it.
  • Via Chris Cotillo at MassLive -- "Mookie Betts’ speech to Dodgers was ‘cringy,' recalls former Boston Red Sox teammate Joe Kelly: ‘He went the direct route in front of important people’"
“For Mookie, it was a big thing,” Kelly said. “Me and DP (David Price) were looking at each other the whole time, like... it was good. It was meant to go the right way. He’s not very... I don’t know how to put it. He speaks well, but then when he has to plan something and speak in front of people he wasn’t too comfortable with, I think he was getting ahead of himself. The meaning behind what he was saying was very, I think, spot on. I think the way he was saying it was kind of tough. If he could say it a little bit nicer, some words... it was very well-accepted. If he could have said it a little bit nicer, or articulated a little bit better, I think it would have came off stronger. Everybody’s like, 'Ugh, it’s kind of once in a while, like cringy, but we all knew the meaning behind it.”
Pitching is about more than throwing the baseball hard. It’s about changing speeds, locations, movement, and manipulating the baseball in the most deceptive ways possible. And perhaps most of all, it’s about being a competitor. Work hard at your craft and find what makes you unique as a pitcher. Greg Maddux once told us that “a pitcher is never a finished product.” He is constantly evolving and finding news ways to get hitters out. Maddux’s 20+ year career is a perfect example of how to have longevity without throwing lighting bolts.
"This is my opportunity to push for a Home Run Derby in extra innings," Turner told Access Sportnet Dodgers. "Instead of playing 17 innings, you get one extra inning, you play the 10th inning, and (if) no one scores, then you go to a Home Run Derby. You take each team's three best hitters and you give them all five outs, and see who hits the most homers.

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