Monday, July 31, 2006

My Time at the National

As you may know, the National Sports Collectors Conventions concluded this past Sunday in Anaheim. It was quite an event with athletes and celebrities of all stripes signing for adoring fans. There where several hundred tables featuring modern shiny Baseball cards and vintage rarities. Unfortunately, the crowds where underwhelming, but met expectations. I think 30,000+ collectors showed up over the 5 day event. My discussions with a handful of vintage dealers suggested that they did quite well. One dealer who specializes in vintage non-sports cards said he had a buyer walk up and spend $28,000 at one time. That is a monster sale for such items.

I will post some pics of my purchases soon, so please stay tuned. Also, I added a handful of pics in my photoalbum. For some strange reason many of my pics turned out blurry- I think I need some photographic instructions. Nevertheless, I had a fun time. On top of that, I finally completed, after 5 years of trying, my 1972 Topps Baseball set. I also got a early 20th century Jack Johnson boxing card- a caramel 27 scrappers. This was my find of the week.

more pics can be found on the Vintage Baseball Card Forum:

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