Friday, February 25, 2011

2011 Topps: Even More Dodger Inserts

OK. I promise that this is my last post showing the various Dodger cards within the 2011 Topps set. There are far more I have failed to show, but, frankly, I'm getting bored of looking for them all.

These cards represent retail store exclusives available only at either Target or Walmart. These are Hanger Pack Exclusives. The blue design cards are from Walmart and the Red design cards are found at Target.

#THP14 Andre Ethier

Here is another group of retail exclusive sets that can be found. Again, red background cards are from Target and blue background cards are from Walmart. There is also a Toys 'R Us set (in Purple), but no Dodgers are a part of that set.

BDW14 - Andre Ethier

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