Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blog Kiosk: 5/24/2012

The Dodgers twitter account shared a great photo yesterday featuring Shawn Green and his 10 year anniversary of his 4 homer game.  Above is a ticket from the event.  This would be so great to have in your collection.  Heck, it would be awesomer (is that a word?) to get it signed by him.
  • Apparently, the Dodgers are interested in hosting a NHL Winter Classic game at Dodgers Stadium, via LA Kings Insider.
It’s good to see Kasten — a former Atlanta Thrashers executive — and the Dodgers interested in hockey, but it’s probably a longshot. Gary Bettman has sneered (literally) at any suggestion that a Winter Classic could be played in a warm-weather environment. 
Don Drysdale conducted a savvy campaign of psychological warfare, parlaying a moderate record of actual deeds into the maximum effect on the minds of batters and pitchers.
  • Following through on their promise, the Dodger announced that they have currently, or are in the process of signing 20 Latin American prospects.  Unfortunately, they do not name names.  From the press release.  
The Los Angeles Dodgers today announced the signing of several players from Latin America, including both the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. Dodger General Manager Ned Colletti made the announcement.

The Dodgers have signed or are in the process of signing more than 20 players from Latin America, including at least 10 position players and 10 pitchers.

"Besides the recent signings, with the support from ownership, we are fully prepared to be strong participants in the upcoming signing period in Latin America,” said Colletti. “With our renewed resources in that area and the upcoming First-Year Player Draft next month, we look forward to adding many talented young players to the Dodger family. Our Assistant General Manager, Scouting, Logan White and his staff have begun a strong and vital effort in a very important process to the future of the player development portion of the Dodgers' organization.”
This is on the heals of the the 2012 Draft that starts on June 4th.
  • From the current SI, check out the cover story featuring Kemp and Magic.  "Only the Beginning."
"Kemp had a miserable year, yes. But he was also only 25. "What people don't appreciate is how raw Matt was as a ballplayer," says Mike Leuzinger, the scout who signed Kemp in 2003. When he first got called up [in '06] and was making base running mistakes, you'd listen to announcers say, 'This kid doesn't know how to run the bases?' I'm thinking, No, actually, he really doesn't.""

  • I hate this story, but it's pertinent.  From the Huffington Post:  Dodger Stadium Beating: Man Beaten in Parking Lot Describes the Terror.  Video is included.
“I was pleading for my life. To be left alone and it was scary," he said. “I was being held and choked for all of them to take their punches and kicks at me. I was just thinking I need to get up and stay alive.”
  • To lighten the mood.  Via Coed Magazine, the "60 Sexiest American Athletes to Look at the 2012 Olympics."

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