Thursday, May 24, 2012

Collection: Franquelis Osoria 2005 SPx Autograph

Check out my 2005 Upper Deck SPx autograph card of former Dodgers reliever Franquelis Osoria.

What ever happened to this guy?  I have a vague recollection of his stay in Blue, but can think of nothing noteworthy to discuss.  He signed with the Dodgers as a amateur free agent in late 1999 and rose through the rank slowly but surely.  In 2005 he finally made his Major League debut by pitching a scoreless inning of relief against the Tigers.  For the remainder of the year he became a mainstay in the bullpen until the bottom fell out the following season.  A respectable rookie campaign where his ERA was 3.94 ballooned to 7.13 after just 12 games in 2006.  Expectantly, he was sent back down to AAA.  Osorio would never again pitch for the Dodgers after that.  Soon, he was picked off the waiver wire by the Pirates, and stayed with them for just two season before disappearing into obscurity.  Does anybody know what he's doing now?  Is he still pitching somewhere in Latin America, or has he quietly left the game behind?


  1. This dude wore cool goggles sometimes. Not sure why he isn't pictured in them.

    1. Ya know, I do remember that now that you mention it... I always thought there was something cool and intimidating about a pitcher with goggles... this is something I don't think I'll ever type again in my life


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