Monday, February 11, 2013

Clowning Around the Demolition of Ebbets Field - 1960

Following up on an auction item I featured last week, I bring to you another eBay item featuring a torn-up Ebbets Field.  Like in the previous photo, the demolished remnants of the old borough park still remains.  The skeleton of the old facade is the last thing standing, while piles of debris litters the field and grandstands.

In the foreground, several men can be seen 'clowning' around.  One hilariously costumed gentlemen carries around a large mallet, as if prepared to knock the place down himself.  Three other bearded little people, dressed as the Dodgers version of Eddie Gaedel, try to quietly scamper down the stairs. The look of dejection is clearly on their faces.  Although they are clowns meant to put a smile on your face, you can't help but notice the sadness in their eyes. 

The above photo negative recently sold on eBay at $58.00.
(auction link)

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  1. Sure. This picture looks pretty bleak..

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