Tuesday, June 11, 2013

There Will be a Puig Sighting at Frank & Son's for a Signing

It's been quite a week for our rookie outfielder.  Yasiel Puig has lit the league on fire with his spectacular play on the field and his phenomenal batting at the plate.  At this point, he's like the goose that laid the golden egg, and hopefully we don't squander our good fortune.

That being said, Puig has been an absolute monster in the collecting world.  His cards are selling for "stupid" money, and as long as he continues to perform at inhuman levels it just might stay there.  Of course, the law of averages tell you that that isn't possible.  Still, one can dream. 

Well, it has just been announced that Yasiel Puig will be making his first paid public signing appearance on Saturday, June 29th for the Dodger Days event at Frank & Sons in the City of Industry.  BTW, there will be a whole bunch of Dodgers on hand, so I certainly suggest checking the entire event out.

Usually, I refrain from make this kind of announcement this far in advance of a public signing.  I prefer to make once a week post focused on just events happening the immediate weekend, but I figured this was worth breaking that rule. 

Puig will only be signing 250 items so there is a bit of urgency if you want to pay to play.  On the other hand, the asking price is way beyond most fans pocketbooks.  According to their flyer, tickets for small items will be $149.00, large items at $199.00, and premium items at $299.00.

Yeah, you read that right.  The current asking prices are at the levels usually reserved for popular Hall of Famers or superstar future Hall of Famers.  For comparison, at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago in early August there are only five Baseball players who are priced at or above these levels: Randy Johnson, Chipper Jones, Mike Piazza, Cal Ripken Jr. and Roger Clemens.  Another 22 current Hall of Famers are below Puig's prices - some well below.

As you can imagine, there were a couple of complaints on Frank & Sons facebook page, and they responded by noting that it is Puig's management that effectively set the price by asking a huge amount of money for the limited signing.  Furthermore, via Sports Collectors Daily, his agents claim that it will be his only autograph show during the season.

Regardless, considering his current hot hand and the current selling prices of his certified autographed cards on eBay, I suspect they will sell out anyway.  After all, as some scouts have said, Puig is a once in a generation type of player, and that means he is pure gold in the collecting world.

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  1. These prices are out of control extreme - but people (not me) will pay it. Everyone is caught up in Puig mania. I would say I saw at least 50 people wearing his shirts and jerseys at Sunday's game. I'm very excited about him too - but he's young and just started his career. His management is only seeing dollar signs - another greedy agent out to get the last few bucks out of dodger fans.

  2. Not first signing. He had first rookie signing at South Bay Cards in March...prices only $50...suckers. it was authenticated too.

    1. Yeah, I totally forgot about that. I do remember thinking at the time that the amount they wanted then was too much. I feel foolish for thinking that now.


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