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Dodgers Continue to Upgrade Dodger Stadium - Here are Some Details

This news came out yesterday afternoon, so I'm a bit late with this information.  I was already heading out to last nights Kings game when the Dodgers press release arrived

I'm loving the new Dodger owners, more and more.  The changes and direction they are taking the franchise continues to surprise me, and I couldn't be more happy about it.  We were told they would emphasize the farm system, so they prove it by continuing to sign prospects.  We were also told that Dodger Stadium would be modernized.  That is also coming to fruition.

For years we were regaled with promises of future upgrades to Dodger Stadium, but were constantly disappointed in the half-assed nature of the changes.  Now, these owners make me a believer.  They mean what they say.
"Dodger Stadium is one of the most fan-friendly and family-oriented venues in all of baseball," said Dodgers President and CEO Stan Kasten. "Our goal is to ensure that we maintain that elite status while continuing to do everything in our power to bring a world championship to Dodger fans."
No need to convince me anymore, Stan!

The Dodgers recently announced this winters Dodger Stadium upgrades and it includes expanding the right and left pavilions; such that they will now be connected to the rest of the stadium.  In other words, pavilion ticket holders will no longer be trapped in the outfield.  They will now be able to roam throughout the entire stadium.

I just might have to consider getting tickets there in the future.  (I had always preferred the Top Deck, but that may change soon.)

Check out the pic at the very top.  It shows an artist rendering of the left field area.  There will be a bullpen observation deck, a permanent Dodger store and more concessions.  Below is another view of the future changes.

From the Dodgers press release:
  1. Expansion of the entries at the Field level, enabling all fans with Pavilion, Dugout, Field, Loge and Club tickets to enter the convenient entrances on the north side of the stadium. These new entries will also house new team stores and concessions and memorabilia to celebrate the team history, including its famous seasons in Brooklyn, NY, as well as its five-plus decades in Los Angeles.
  2. Seating and lounging areas at bars and drink rails overlooking the bullpens in the outfield, giving focus to pitchers warming up as well as infield game views.
  3. New food services with outdoor grills and specialty fare such as Tommy Lasorda's Italian and hot-off-the-grill BBQ, areas where the Hall of Fame manager and other former players will spend time with fans.
  4. An expansion of the popular Reserve Level "La Taqueria" stand near the kids play area at the left field Reserve entry. 
  5. Relocating the visiting team clubhouse to an area near the visiting team dugout at field level so that all visiting team areas are in a single new area adjacent to the batting tunnel, conditioning room and training area built in newly created space in 2013.
  6. Continuing work on the upgrade of the electrical infrastructure that supports the 1962 stadium. In 2013, significant new equipment and substations were installed in coordination with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. Work will continue this offseason to connect to the new equipment to improve safety and provide the best technology available for fans.
  7. Enhancement of the ballpark's landscaping. All 33 trees in the outfield area have been replanted on site and the Dodgers, the only team in baseball with a full-time arborist, will have three times as many trees in the outfield by April as before. The display of the famed "Three Sisters" behind the left-field bullpen will remain.
Via Jon Weisman at Dodger Insider:
“Dodger Stadium is such a perfect stadium structure, and 50 years ago fans were willing to sit in their seats,” Dodgers Senior Vice President of Planning and Development Janet Marie Smith told Dodger Insider.  “Today, there is more socialization and people moving around. We wanted to create spaces for that to happen. Last season, we took out the last few rows of seats on each level, and installed drink rails, to create wider concourses and more space to move around.”
I can't wait to make my next visit there; during the upcoming outdoor hockey game later this month.  Anyone else going to that?

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