Tuesday, April 01, 2014

The Joke's on Us, I Guess

I've had a little bit too much fun today at the expense of the Dodgers (and maybe some of you), but not as much fun as the Dodgers, on this April Fools of a day.

Below is the official Dodger lineup for this afternoons game.
(Instagram via Dodgers)

The best part is at the very bottom.
"Follow The Game On SportsNet LA and MLB.TV.  April Fools!
Wait... So, are you saying that the cable wars are over and we can watch the game on our tv like last year, or is that not the joke?  I'm so confused.

BTW, if you currently do not subscribe to a cable/satellite provider that has SportsNet LA (which is basically everyone) then check out this list of establishments (bars) that do have the channel available.  (Hat Tip: Jimmy Bramlett on twitter)

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1 comment:

  1. This whole thing is pretty nuts. I'm listening to the game on my cell phone via Sirius XM because the web is blocked and so is TV.

    I checked that list and there isn't ONE bar in Pasadena where I live that I can watch a game. My choices are a Bowling Alley in Arcadia or a by the slice pizza joint in San Marino. Wow really amazing for probably the most popular baseball franchise in history.


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