Friday, June 13, 2014

Go Kings Go!

I am so excited and nervous right now. 

I can't think.  My body is tense from stress.  I want so badly for the evening to come, but the minutes pass by feeling like hours. 

When they finally drop that puck on the Staples Center ice for the start of Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final at 5:00 PM tonight, I hope it frees the butterfly's currently buzzing around in the pit of my stomach.

Unfortunately, I know it won't.  I'll be like this til the final bell tolls.  Until a winner is decided, I will be a nervous wreck. 

And if that winner is the Kings, I suspect my emotions will channel towards pure elation.  But frankly, I can't really think about that right now.  There's no time for looking past what is in front of my nose.  It's all about the now.  It's all about not taking any moment in tonight's game for granted. 

Go Kings Go!
(pic via SiriusXM @wilshire1259)

(pic via @BaileyLAKings on twitter)

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  1. Congrats, Ernest! Hope you screamed those butterflies out.


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