Wednesday, November 11, 2015

These Triplets' are the Boss of Ryu - His Adventures Continue on Korean Reality TV

Were a couple of tykes forcing their way onto Hyun-Jin Ryu's back during a segment of a Korean reality TV show last winter the cause of his injury this past season?

I, of course, say this in jest.  'Cause that would be rather silly.  Although, Ryu does struggle with having 60+ lbs. on his back, and visibly looks like he's in pain at one point.  Not only that, he's forced to change some diapers, and if you have any experience with that then you know that can be debilitating.

Featured in this post are a couple of videos from a Korean show called "Triplets' House" which features a noted Korean actor named Song Il-Gook with his triplets.  In the two videos below Hyun-Jin Ryu is a special guest, and as you can imagine hilarity ensues.  Watch them both for a good laugh.

I first came upon these videos due to a Reddit post by r/warriethelion, so thanks for pointing these out.

In the first episode, Ryu is goofing around with the kids in a padded playroom.  This is where he crawls around on his hands and knees.  He then gives the kids their very own Dodger jacket and cap.

Video Link:

The next video is where the good stuff happens.  And when I say good stuff, I mean the really good stuff. 

First, there's more roughhousing in the playroom.  Then, one of the kids has a bathroom emergency, so Ryu is tasked with changing his diaper.  Unfortunately, the kid isn't quite done with his old diaper.  Check out the video below to see what Ryu does.   

Video Link:

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