Thursday, October 06, 2016

2016 Topps Triple Threads - The Dodgers Autographed Relic Cards

Here is a final look at the Dodgers cards found in packs of 2016 Topps Triple Threads packs.  Below are more of the "wordplay"cards that are similar to the ones I shared yesterday, but with a twist.  These cards include autographs, and as you can see there are quite a few more of them available. Go here to check out all of my previous post on this set.

As for any unusual "wordplay" cards I think there is one worth noting.  One of Justin Turner's cards says, "Justin's Time"  -- an obviously play the inventory management system known to most manufacturing and retail operations. 

Triple Threads Autograph Relics

#TTAR-AG1 Adrian Gonzalez        #TTAR-AG2 Adrian Gonzalez

#TTAR-AG3 Adrian Gonzalez            #TTAR-AG4 Adrian Gonzalez

#TTAR-AW1 Alex Wood                #TTAR-AW2 Alex Wood

#TTAR-AW3 Alex Wood                   #TTAR-AW4 Alex Wood

#TTAR-AW5 Alex Wood                #TTAR-CK1 Clayton Kershaw

#TTAR-JT1 Justin Turner                #TTAR-JT2 Justin Turner

#TTAR-MPIA1 Mike Piazza            #TTAR-YG1 Yasmani Grandal

       #TTAR-YG2 Yasmani Grandal              #TTAR-YG3 Yasmani Grandal

#TTAR-YG4 Yasmani Grandal               #TTAR-YG5 Yasmani Grandal

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