Thursday, December 29, 2016

I've Got a Vin Scully Sweatband

This year has seen Dodger and Baseball fans alike celebrating the career and retirement of Vin Scully.  Along with all the deserved accolades and pronouncements has been a flurry of memorabilia for an eager collecting public.  We've seen everything from bobbleheads, pins and t-shirts.  Heck, there's even a placard available that could only be attained during a game against the Giants in San Francisco.  So, even our teams worst enemy saw it fit to honor our poet laureate.

Among all of the items I've run across the above sweatband, that was worn by many of the Dodger players during that last home game against the Rockies, has been the most elusive.

Don't remember it?

Well, check out the below photos taken by the Jon SooHoo and Patrick Gee of the Dodgers.  Click on any of the pics to embiggen. 

I know it's tough to see, but if you look closely at their forearms you will notice the above Vin Scully sweatband.

Obviously, being the fanatic Dodger fanatic that I am I had to track this thing down, and thankfully I found it available for sale at the manufacturers website: Mims Bandz.  So, I dutifully placed an order and it arrived just in time for Christmas.  (The photo at the very top was grabbed from their website)  Now, I need to track down those SportsNet LA posters and the limited edition pin given out to Dodger employees and other Baseball dignitaries.

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