Monday, December 08, 2014

2014 Topps Dynasty Baseball - All the Dodger Cards - Most of Them

By now you have likely heard of Topps newest Baseball card set.  It is called Topps Dynasty and it is a super-high end product that eclipses the cost per card of any product available on the market today.  A single box with one autographed card will cost you about $300.  So, this brand is not for the timid.  Go here for a complete checklist.  BTW, this is the priciest set ever produced by Topps.

There are five Dodger players available in the base autograph set and three different "1 of 1" Cut Signature cards available.  Below is a checklist of the Cut Signature cards:
  • Cut Signatures (#/1): #Don Drysdale 
  • Cut Signatures (#/1): #Pee Wee Reese 
  • Cut Signatures Dual Relic Legends (#/1): #Jackie Robinson
Below are photos of the various Dodger autograph cards available.  As you can see, each players has multiple different photo variations available, and it's likely the below is not a complete listing of what is out there.  Each photo variation is numbered to only 10 cards and a "1 of 1" gold signed card is also available.  I think my favorite pose of all is the Yasiel Puig card of him uproariously laughing.

Autographed Patches (#/10)

#Adrian Gonzalez 

#Clayton Kershaw 

#Hanley Ramirez

#Mike Piazza 

#Yasiel Puig 

Autographed Dual Relic Greats (#/5)

#Sandy Koufax 

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