Wednesday, May 04, 2016

2015 Leaf Q Multi-Sport -- All the Dodgers Cards

Why do card companies do this?

This brand new set, just released a few days ago, has been designated as a 2015 brand - even though we're five months into the year.  It is called 2015 Leaf Q Multi-Sport trading cards, and as the name suggest it includes athletes from across the spectrum. Go here for a complete checklist.

Only one Dodger player is in the set, Mike Piazza.  I also decided to include the cards of Dodgers owner Magic Johnson. As you can see, this is an unlicensed product, so there are no team or league logos anywhere.

#A-MJ1 Magic Johnson

#A-MP1 Mike Piazza

Pure Autographs
#PA-MJ1 Magic Johnson

BTW, the best card in this small brand is not who you might expect.  Check it out below.  Yes... That's Chevy Chase as Fletch.
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